My name is Alison Wright. I believe and I want to think that the most powerful tools in a graphic designer’s arsenal are symbols.

We use them in the form of words—single, distinct, meaningful elements of textual symbolism that leave the mouth to define regions and cultures more so than borders and boundaries ever could. They make up our beliefs, our stories, our myths, our lies, our sweeping declarations, our internal monologue. Capable of both hindering and hurting, words have power and act as instruments that can change the world.

As the old adage goes "a picture is worth a thousand words." Through visual symbolism, we are able to distill complex thoughts and messages into recognizable visual carriers of meaning. Because symbols carry with them an infinite number of words, they’re capable of asking questions, evoking emotions, and and saying things that cannot be said any other way.

emotions, and and saying things that cannot be said any other way.It’s in this essence that the world becomes not what we see but what we make others see.

It’s through these techniques that I’ve found my niche in graphic design. Even from a young age I have been intrigued by the ambiguity yet certainty of carefully crafted sentences and the cleverness and quizzical nature of visual solutions. I still remember the feeling I had many years ago when I saw the Goodwill logo for the first time. It’s this innate childlike sense of wonder coupled with a passion for words and symbols that act as guiding stars while I navigate through the workforce. When I imagine what I’ll be doing in five, ten, or even thirty years I imagine myself huddled over a cluttered table with a hot cup of tea, immersed in typography, branding and identity—harnessing the power of words and visuals. Harnessing the power of symbols.